Weeknotes 22:30

October 8, 2022

Week of October 2–8

What I worked on

  • Kauffman Real World Learning – I spent time on Monday working on some small improvements for the resource listing page. I added content to the page template to display if the resources contain certain filters. On Thursday, I recorded a quick training for the client so that she could update some numbers for the different districts participating in the program. I also fixed an issue that I uncovered while making that training video (I trimmed that part out). We soft-launched the site late on Thursday and will be officially unveiling it this coming week.
  • Energy Efficiency Hub – I continued to work on fixing issues uncovered in the quality assurance testing, both internally and with the client. We had a very good meeting with the client on Thursday and came up with some solutions to some last-minute needs. I will continue to address QA issues next week and look to soft-launch it on Thursday ahead of a big event the client has on October 18th, where the site will be officially unveiled.
  • Connect2Canada Ambassador page – I added a feed of posts about the Canadian ambassador along with her Twitter feed to the bottom of the ambassador page of the site.
  • I took off on Friday to spend time with my children who are visiting home during their Fall Break. The weather was beautiful and I enjoyed a morning walk with my son and catching up with him.

What I wrote

  • Things I Would Like to Learn (Q42022) – I made a list of different things that I have been thinking about wanting to learn in the near future. Most of it centers on writing more efficient CSS to let “mentor the browser” instead of micro-manage it. The idea comes from Andy Bell and it is something I want to give some time to explore and try to incorporate into my workflow.

What I posted on Instagram

October 5 – My morning coding partner. #teddybear #guineapig
October 5 – It is really hard to capture the golden light at this twilight hour on the beautiful red maple leaves.
October 5 – @mmclementine This is for you. Proof that I have not forsaken my first love. #drpepper #iamapepper
October 7 – Clean car. Such a beautiful day in Chattanooga. Decided to wash my son’s car. Took a walk with my son this morning. Great day off. #pto

Articles I read

Book I am currently reading

What I watched

I came across The Lord of the Rings – How Howard Shore makes us care after watching another video on Thursday night. I am a big fan of The Lord of the Rings, both the books and the movie. And I really enjoy listening to Howard Shore’s soundtracks while I work.

I enjoyed watching this video and understanding the progression of musical themes throughout the movie trilogy and how that music draws you in and makes you care. It was really fun to take this dive into the subject. Not something I think about. But it is so rich to understand and appreciate the craft of the musical score.

  • Chiefs vs. Buccaneers (NBC) – I enjoyed watching the Chiefs win this game.
  • Cobra Kai Season 5 (Netflix) – I watched the season finale early in the week.
  • Andor (Disney+)
  • Facing Nolan (Netflix) – A documentary about pitcher Nolan Ryan.
  • She-Hulk (Disney+)
  • Captain America: First Avenger (Disney+)
  • The Great British Baking Show Collection 10 E3 (Netflix)

What I listened to

What I played

  • FIFA 23 (Manchester City)

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