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These are posts that relate to the Kauffman Foundation Real World Learning project that I built between May and October of 2022.

It’s the Final Countdown

I am very excited to share two projects that I have been working on for the past 8 months. Real World Learning is a project that has been very dear to my heart for several reasons. It is an initiative from my hometown of Kansas City My high school, Fort Osage, is one of RWL’s […]


Weeknotes 22:30

What I worked on Kauffman Real World Learning – I spent time on Monday working on some small improvements for the resource listing page. I added content to the page template to display if the resources contain certain filters. On Thursday, I recorded a quick training for the client so that she could update some […]


Weeknotes 22:29

Wesley: A Forgotten Star, A Tragic Murder, and A Shocking Verdict On my trip home from Murray last weekend, I listened to the podcast, Wesley. The podcast takes a look at the life and legacy of Lyman Bostock, a baseball player whose life ended tragically at the age of 27. Lyman is the only major […]


Weeknotes 22:27

Back to working on Real World Learning project I switched gears this week and turned my attention from the Energy Efficiency Hub project back to the Real World Learning project for the Kauffman Foundation. We had to put a hold on that project after some stakeholder feedback in August. Our team made design changes to […]


Weeknotes 22:20

Milestone I hit a milestone with the Kauffman Real World Learning project this week. I finished the initial development on the site. All of the pages of the site have been built. Now I will go back and fix some QA issues and polish things up. I have mixed feelings. I have enjoyed working on […]


Weeknotes 22:18

Resources page and FacetWP At the start of the week, I built the resources listing page for the Real World Learning project. I had already built the layout for the resource listing because it shares that layout with the blog listing page. The design called for filtering through search and custom taxonomies I had already […]


Weeknotes 22:17

Two Dimensional Man The highlight of the week was reading through Paul Sahre’s graphic design memoir, Two Dimensional Man. Paul wrote one of the essays for Marvel by Design. I enjoyed that essay and was interested in reading his book after discovering he had written one. The book is an interesting blend of personal history, […]


Weeknotes 22:16

Project Work SVG Clip-path I have been using clip-path in my work since late 2019. But so far all the paths I have created on my own using the polygon. In those cases, I would plot out the points that I needed for the clip-path and use math to come up with percentage values so […]


Weeknotes 22:15

Kauffman Real World Learning After enjoying a day off on Monday, I focused my attention on the Kauffman Real World Learning project. I had a productive week as I was able to build out several pages. Later in the week, I sat down with my project manager and we mapped out the timeline for the […]


Weeknotes 22:14

I continued working on a page for the Kauffman Real World Learning project that I had started the previous week. I switched gears to work on a one-page landing page for NAPEO. Our team, LGND, created a campaign for this client that points to the one-pager. The landing page includes a video hero that I […]


Weeknotes 22:13

Adventures in SVG Masking After a three-day weekend, I got back to work on Tuesday morning on the Real World Learning site we are building for the Kauffman Foundation. My next task was to replace static images with an SVG that I would animate with GreenSock ScrollTrigger and DrawSVG plugins. There are several “doodles” in […]


Weeknotes 22:12

Started a new project Two weeks ago, I started development on a project that I have been excited about since the beginning of the year. We are building a new site for the Kauffman Foundation’s Real World Learning. I have been involved in several meetings throughout the project’s strategy and design phase over the last […]