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Tag: "rwl"

These are posts that relate to the Kauffman Foundation Real World Learning project that I am currently working on.

Weeknotes 22:20

Milestone I hit a milestone with the Kauffman Real World Learning project this week. I finished the initial development on the site. All of the pages of the site have been built. Now I will go back and fix some QA issues and polish things up. I have mixed feelings. I have enjoyed working on […]


Weeknotes 22:18

Resources page and FacetWP At the start of the week, I built the resources listing page for the Real World Learning project. I had already built the layout for the resource listing because it shares that layout with the blog listing page. The design called for filtering through search and custom taxonomies I had already […]


Weeknotes 22:17

Two Dimensional Man The highlight of the week was reading through Paul Sahre’s graphic design memoir, Two Dimensional Man. Paul wrote one of the essays for Marvel by Design. I enjoyed that essay and was interested in reading his book after discovering he had written one. The book is an interesting blend of personal history, […]


Weeknotes 22:16

Project Work I added functionality to forms for Kauffman Real World Learning. I recreated blog posts from their current site and created some custom Gutenberg blocks to accommodate some of their content My teammate, Josh, imported all the resources from AirTable. I spent a couple of hours cleaning it up (adding dates), downloaded documents, and […]


Weeknotes 22:15

Kauffman Real World Learning After enjoying a day off on Monday, I focused my attention on the Kauffman Real World Learning project. I had a productive week as I was able to build out several pages. Later in the week, I sat down with my project manager and we mapped out the timeline for the […]