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Weeknotes 22:31

3..2..1..launch The highlight of the week was launching version 2 of Energy Efficiency Hub. We launched the initial site almost a year ago in mid-November. The original site was a one-pager. Version two is a more robust site that tells the story of the Hub and its work with much more depth. The new site […]


It’s the Final Countdown

I am very excited to share two projects that I have been working on for the past 8 months. Real World Learning is a project that has been very dear to my heart for several reasons. It is an initiative from my hometown of Kansas City My high school, Fort Osage, is one of RWL’s […]


Weeknotes 22:30

What I worked on Kauffman Real World Learning – I spent time on Monday working on some small improvements for the resource listing page. I added content to the page template to display if the resources contain certain filters. On Thursday, I recorded a quick training for the client so that she could update some […]


Weeknotes 22:29

Wesley: A Forgotten Star, A Tragic Murder, and A Shocking Verdict On my trip home from Murray last weekend, I listened to the podcast, Wesley. The podcast takes a look at the life and legacy of Lyman Bostock, a baseball player whose life ended tragically at the age of 27. Lyman is the only major […]


Weeknotes 22:28

Highlights of the week I switched back to work on the Energy Efficiency Hub project after spending time on Real World Learning last week. I finished building several pages and refactored the layout for the resources page after trying out a different layout than was originally designed. We decided the original layout was a better […]


Weeknotes 22:26

I enjoyed my day off on Monday. I got to sleep in, play MLB The Show, take a nap, and write a weeknote for last week. It was a short but productive week. I continued working on the Energy Efficiency Hub project. I only had to build a few new Gutenberg blocks for two of […]


Weeknotes 22:23

New Project Energy Efficiency Hub V2 I started the week on Tuesday after taking a day off on Monday. A new project greeted me as I returned to the office. We are building the second iteration of the Energy Efficiency Hub. We launched the first iteration of the site back in November. The second iteration […]