Weeknotes 22:26

September 11, 2022

Week of September 4 - 10

  • I enjoyed my day off on Monday. I got to sleep in, play MLB The Show, take a nap, and write a weeknote for last week.
  • It was a short but productive week. I continued working on the Energy Efficiency Hub project. I only had to build a few new Gutenberg blocks for two of the pages I built this week. At the end of the week, I imported the resources from a spreadsheet using WP All Import and then manually added PDF files and video links. I was able to start the resource template on Friday so I am ahead of schedule with the project. I am going to take a break this next week from this project to work on the Kauffman Real World Learning project.
  • On Tuesday, I took some time to play around with a solution for a Grid layout with leftover items. I read Michelle Barker’s article, Controlling Leftover Grid Items with Pseudo-selectors, last week and wanted to try to solve it with the :has selector. In the end, I am not sure my solutions (Grid only solution, Grid and Flexbox solution) were any better than Michelle’s but it was a fun exercise to try and to play around with :has.
  • I sat in on three different interviews this week, one for a technical project manager, and two interviews with potential candidates for a WordPress developer. We are also looking for Senior Interactive Designer.
  • I took advantage of some personal development time during our LGND Campfire to watch Andy Bell’s talk from All Day Hey! 2022. I am looking forward to implementing several of his ideas in a future project.
  • I committed to doing a Campfire presentation in November to help educate our design team (and others) on recent developments in CSS layout. This is an application point from reading Matthias Ott’s Better Bridges article last week.

Articles I read

Web Development



What I watched

  • Be the browser’s mentor, not its micromanager – A conference talk by Andy Bell given at All Day Hey! 2022 in May.
  • She-Hulk (Disney +)
  • Junior Baking Show (Netflix) – We have really enjoyed watching this as a family.
  • Love and Stuff (PBS) – Some parts of this hit close to home as we take care of an elderly parent in our home.
  • Rings of Power (Prime) – Not as wowed but have enjoyed revisiting Middle Earth.
  • Love and Thunder (Disney+) – I liked the movie better the second time around.
  • Bernie Mac Show (Peacock) – We are currently in season three and I feel like the show got better as it went along. I really enjoyed the episodes we watched this week.

Podcasts I listened to

Books I am reading

  • The Storytelling God – I finished this one on Saturday.
  • The Discerning Life – I bought this late in the week. I read the introduction and look forward to getting into it. Already a lot to think about.


I had to buy an Obi-Wan POP. He is my favorite character from Star Wars and I really enjoyed the recent series on Disney+.
I was remembering my beloved guinea pig, Butterscotch at the end of the week on the anniversary of her death two years ago. My former co-worker painted a tribute to her from an Instagram post and sent it to me a couple of weeks after we lost her.

What I played

MLB The Show 21 (Braves) – I played two games of the World Series this week on MLB The Show. I won the first one 5-0 with a very solid pitching performance from Ian Anderson, who struggled a lot in the regular season. On Friday, I came from behind in the ninth inning to tie the game with a safety squeeze and later took a one-run lead. Unfortunately, I gave up a run in the bottom of the inning and had to go to extra innings. But Austin Riley came through with a two-run homer and then my reliever shut the door to win both the game and the series.

I am so excited to win with the Braves. I played with them in 2017 but lost the division series in three straight games. I did not have as good a year as I would have liked with the Braves but took the division. I had my back against the wall in the division series, down 2-0. But then I won three straight to take that series and then swept the Giants to win the National League Championship in 4 games. I won the first two games of the World Series on the road but then dropped the first two at home. I was a bit worried that the momentum had shifted.

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