Things I would like to learn (Q4 2022)

October 5, 2022

Back in February, I wrote about one of LGND‘s values, bringing a growth mindset. Part of that mindset is that we are always learning and looking to gain new experiences. As I seek to apply this value, I have identified several areas of growth as a developer that I would like to explore in the coming months.

I want to learn more about new CSS features and new HTML elements. I want to build things so that I can become more comfortable using these tools and identifying when to use them in projects.

  • clamp(), min(), and max() functions – I would like to play around with these CSS features especially clamp() as I think about how to “mentor” the browser with layouts instead of micro-managing. I have played around with min() and max() a little bit, but still don’t feel like I totally understand how they work to use them on a consistent basis.
  • Fluid type and spacing
  • I would like to read through Every Layout – I have started to read through this book before then put it down and don’t get back to it. It really is a “relearning” of how to do CSS layout. I find myself at times disagreeing with Andy and Haydon’s approach. But I really like the overall concept of it. I want to learn ways to write less CSS and build layouts that take advantage of modern CSS and use fewer media queries.
  • I want to revisit the documentation of CUBE CSS and figure out how to incorporate it into the idea of mentoring the browser.
  • I would like to start using the dialog element for modals. It comes with a lot of accessibility baked it. And it is better to use native elements as they become available. I did a deep dive back in April. But I have yet to use it in a project. I need to revisit it and start working it into my code.
  • I want to finish working through SVG Animation with GreenSock on Creative Coding Club. I only completed 5 of the 23 lessons (Carl is still adding to it). I do a lot of animation work with GreenSock and with SVG. I want to go deeper in my knowledge by continuing to work through this course.
  • I want to continue to look for opportunities to progressively enhance with container queries and the :has selector now that all the evergreen browsers support it except for Firefox. I have already created solutions with both of these new CSS features in projects that will be launching in the next two weeks. I am looking forward to continuing to look for new ways to use these awesome tools to make better layouts.
  • I would like to work through the tutorials that I didn’t get to in Stephanie Eckels 12 Days of Web (December 2021). If I don’t hurry, it will be time for her 2022 edition. I still need to work through Audio API, Houdini Paint API, Capturing User Media Streams, Preference Queries, Image Display Elements, CSS Animation, Web Speech API, and Form Autocomplete.
  • I would like to learn more about the WordPress Block Editor. I think there have been some significant developments this past year that I would like to get up to speed with. LGND is committed to building WordPress sites with Gutenberg blocks and I want to become more familiar with more advanced options.

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