Weeknotes 23:41

December 5, 2023

Week of November 26–December 4

  • I finished my adjustments to the smaller screen layouts for the Toyota Policy Drivers project. I use a build desktop first and then refactor for mobile first in my CSS approach. The project is now being passed along to another developer on the team to connect things to the Quorum API.
  • I had a Zoom call with a developer who had emailed me about an open position (full-stack developer) at LGND. She wanted to learn more about the company, the culture, and my development journey. I could tell from her email that she had done a bit of research on me and connected that in the email so I was glad to give her some of my time. We had a great chat and it helped her to decide that the role was not a good fit for what she was looking for.
  • I built out a case study for the LGND site. Our site utilizes custom WordPress blocks along with the blocks that come out of the box. It is a quick process for me to build out a new case study when we have the content and images ready.
  • I spent time on Friday reviewing my daily logs and weeknote posts from the past six months to put together a brag document in preparation for my end-of-the-year review at work. Putting together a brag document is a good exercise for me because it helps me to remember what I have accomplished and serves as an encouragement as I reflect on the past six months (we have reviews twice a year). It also helps me prepare to fill out the review document for my team. I try to word my accomplishments as I would on my resume so I can keep that document fresh.
  • I wrote 3 other posts besides my weeknote post last week. I wrote a tribute to my architectural history professor from KU. I shared a solution to scroll “bounce” from Michelle Barker. And I shared about my routines, rituals, and habits that are anchors of my personal and professional life. I have accepted a challenge to try to post every day for December.
  • I enjoyed playing Codenames with 5 of my teammates for our LGND Campfire on Friday. My team lost all 3 of our games but we had a lot of fun together. I did an awful job as the spymaster and gave awful clues that led to my team picking several of the cards for the other team.

Health Update

August and September were crazy months for me as I visited the ER twice. On the second visit, I had to be transported by ambulance. As a result of those visits, I have established new relationships with various doctors. I met with three of them last week.

On Tuesday, I met with my new primary care doctor. During my first visit in October, he had asked me to monitor my blood pressure twice a day. After reviewing the data, he decided to take me off of the medication to help lower blood pressure. We are going to see if lifestyle changes can help keep my blood pressure where it needs to be. We scheduled a physical for June as our next step.

Later that afternoon, I met with my internal medicine doctor. He had performed an endoscopy and colonoscopy at the beginning of November. All the biopsies he took were benign. He had stretched my esophagus during the procedure to help with my swallowing. Our next steps are to schedule another endoscope in February so he can try to stretch it some more.

On Wednesday, I met with an ear, nose, and throat doctor. I had been referred to him by my internal medicine doctor. During my endoscope, he had noticed a growth higher in the throat and wanted me to follow up with ENT. What I didn’t know was that the growth had been biopsied and came back as benign.

The ENT doctor told me that early in my appointment and then did a scope through my nose to take a look. He did not see anything that concerned him and told me I did not need any further follow-up. I had been a little bit anxious about what the growth was so it was nice to hear good news.

I am glad that I am giving more attention to my health and I am very glad that the tests so far have not uncovered cancer or things of that nature. I need to add an exercise regimen, continue to drink more water, and chew my food more slowly to take better care of myself.

Articles I read

What I watched

Practically Engaging with AI – a panel discussion from LeadDev

Brett – a clip from an upcoming documentary about George Brett on MLB Network. George was my favorite player for the Royals when I was growing up.

Bored? Try drawing these people. – I had not watched one of Doug Neill’s Verbal to Visual videos in a while. I am always looking to improve my visual communication skills.

Books I am reading

As I head into the last month of the year, I have read 26 books out of my goal of 36. I am hoping to make it to at least 32 but I am trying to resist the urge to just read books to check them off. I want to take the time I need. I set a higher goal than I have been setting in years past.

  • Trusting God – I read a chapter on Sunday
  • The One True Light – I started reading this Advent devotional as a part of my QT on Friday. I rescued it from a box of books that I was planning to give away.

What I played

  • MLB The Show 23 (Rays) – I played three games this week and won all 3 of them. I am currently on a five-game winning streak.
  • FIFA23 (Manchester City) – I played two games on Saturday and won both of them.

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