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December 4, 2023

Last month was National Blog Posting Month. I followed along as Michelle Barker attempted to post one thing a day throughout the month. There is a sense of achievement by setting a goal and pushing yourself to meet it. I have wanted to write more content. I have many unexecuted ideas over the past year but have just not followed through. I am hoping this exercise will help improve that in the future.

I decided to give it a try after posting on Friday. It was a fairly quick decision and I am not sure how far I will make it. Of course, I picked one of the more challenging months to attempt it. I am traveling up to Murray, Kentucky on Wednesday to help my son move out of his dorm over 3 days. And then I will be taking time off around Christmas to spend time with my family.

So it will be a challenge to post something every day but I want to give it a shot. Some of the posts will be following through on some ideas that have been brewing in my brain for months (or over a year). Other posts will probably be something that comes up that day from something I read or maybe something that comes up in a conversation. Some of the posts will be short and others will be much longer.

I am looking forward to seeing where this journey will take me. Much like the discipline of trying to write a weeknote each week, I am hoping this daily exercise will help me to become a better writer and help me execute more of my ideas, thoughts, and stories, and just share and pass along what I have read or learned from others.

I hope the challenge will help me to post some things that might not seem as refined. I can spend too much time trying to make something just right and may never share it. I was much more free and did not worry about it being refined enough when I first started blogging almost 20 years ago. One of the great things about publishing on the Web is that I have the freedom to go back and edit it later.

I accepted a similar challenge 13 years ago to design something every day. I posted my work on Tumblr and when I did some exploring today, it looks like I deleted those posts. I know that I was not successful in designing something every day for a month.

However, I did create several things that I would not have apart from the challenge. I decided to accept that challenge pretty quickly too without a lot of deliberation. It is probably better that way because if I had thought about it too much, I would have found plenty of excuses to not try. Same with this go around. Wish me luck.

This post is part of my attempt to write something every day for a month. I was inspired by Michelle Barker, who recently participated in National Blog Posting Month.

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