Toyota Policy Drivers

July 25, 2023

I am excited to share a case study from the LGND site about our work with Toyota Policy Drivers. Since 2020, LGND has worked with Toyota to supercharge its advocacy programs. Through creative content and custom gamification experiences, we’ve focused on making public policy engagement fun and rewarding.

The Toyota Policy Drivers site is only accessible by Toyota employees so I have not been able to share a link to showcase the work of my talented team. I started working on the project in December before taking some time off around Christmas for a much-needed rest.

I jumped back into the project in January and then was interrupted when my mother died unexpectedly. My awesome teammates picked up the load and carried on in my absence, which was extended by a couple of weeks as I recovered from COVID.

I was able to jump back in and help polish the site by working through QA issues and reworking parts that we wanted to push further. It was an awesome collaboration with our designer, Karissa, and with my fellow developers Brandon and Josh.

I am very proud of the work we did and the Toyota team was thrilled with the results.

At Toyota, we’re always looking for innovative ways to leverage technology for positive change. LGND’s creative and collaborative approach has helped us take out Toyota Policy Drivers program to whole new levels.

Rebecca Steele, Director, Emerging Technologies Policy, Toyota Motor North America

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