Weeknotes 24:02

January 14, 2024

Week of January 7–13

Getting my son off to Spain

My son in front of the Casa Batlló by Antonio Gaudí. I remember studying Gaudí in my architectural history class. I really like his organic style.

On Sunday, I took my son to the airport in Atlanta so he could start his study abroad adventure. He had a direct flight from Atlanta to Barcelona. I helped him to check in and then the time came for us to say our goodbyes. I watched him make his way through the TSA line and then finally broke myself away and said another goodbye that only I could hear.

It is hard to let your child go like that. I am very excited for him and the experience that lies before him over the next four months. But I also miss him terribly. I am also a bit jealous of the fact that he will be spending the next four months in Europe. I would enjoy taking the classes he is going to take. I know he is going to have an amazing experience as he meets people from a lot of different cultures and backgrounds.

I enjoyed communicating with him on WhatsApp throughout the week. It was great seeing pictures from his homestay and from Elisava where he is going to school. He sent me some pictures from his visit to the Sagrada Família. I am a big fan of Antonio Gaudí’s organic forms in his architecture.

The highlight of the week was a 45 minute “phone call” through WhatsApp on Friday. I enjoyed hearing the excitement in his voice as he shared about his many adventures from his first week in Barcelona. He jumped in right away starting classes on Tuesday. He is enjoying new foods and meeting other students in the study abroad program. It was nice to hear his voice and be able to have that connection when he feels so far away.

He is studying at Elisava Barcelona School of Design and Engineering for the spring. He is taking a typography class, a furniture and product design class, an art history type of class, and a Spanish class. He has not taken Spanish in the past. All of his classes are taught in English.

New phone

I got a new phone this week. I bought a refurbished Samsung A23 off of Amazon. I have needed a new phone for quite some time. I only had 16 GB of memory on the old phone and it would quickly fill up. I got the new phone (64MB) just in time to be able to download the WhatsApp so I can communicate with my son in Barcelona.

I have been contemplating getting a new phone since at least this past summer. But I have been reluctant because I didn’t want to buy one and have it not be what I expected. It seems like every vendor on Amazon has some bad reviews and stories of people not getting the right product or they were defective. I was very pleased that the A23 was in great condition and the battery life is amazing.

I am not one to buy very expensive models like the iPhone or Pixel. The last time I got a more high end phone, it bricked out on me in about 6 months and I still had to pay it off with AT&T. I ended up getting a cheap Go Phone and have used that strategy ever since. But I needed a phone with much more memory. My kids all have Samsung phones and I have a Samsung tablet. So I decided to spend a bit more than normal and bought the A23. I am very happy with it so far. And I am glad that I have the space to add new apps.

Other highlights

  • We had a kickoff meeting with the client team for a project LGND is doing this year. It is the biggest project we have ever done in terms of scope and team involvement. All of our creative teams will be involved in the project (design, development, and video) along with members of our X team. The project timeline will stretch over the entire year with the projected launch in December.
  • I continued to work on a refreshed design for this site. I am hoping to get it to a point this coming week to launch the refreshed design. I am excited about the new typography and spacing along with new color schemes. My plan is to launch a refreshed design that updates the current one and then refactor the HTML, simplify the CSS, add some different grid layouts, and evolve the site over the next year.
  • The Toyota Policy Drivers project moved into QA (quality assurance) at the end of the week. I will address any issues that were uncovered in our internal QA this coming week and then pass it off to the client team for them to do their own QA testing.

Articles I read

What I watched

Under the radar CSS features for your reset (Kevin Powell)

Books I am reading

I am a bit bummed that I have not made more time to read recently. I only read a couple of times this week. But I enjoyed what I did read.

What I played

  • MLB The Show 23 (Rays) – I played four games this week and went 3-1. I am still holding onto a slim lead a top of the AL East.
  • FIFA23 (Manchester City)

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