Weeknotes 23:44

December 24, 2023

Week of December 17–23

Celebrating my birthday

I got to celebrate my birthday with 2 of our 3 children.

We celebrated my birthday on Sunday by attending the Chattanooga Symphony Happy Holidays concert. The concert also featured the Chattanooga Boys and Girls Choir and the Metropolitan Bells. It was over 2 hours of great music.

We enjoyed the 12 Days of Christmas with each verse in a different period style that started with a Gregorian chant and ended with John Phillip Souza’s Stars and Stripes Forever. We enjoyed the sing-along part of the concert near the end. It was an enjoyable afternoon and we intend to make an annual tradition.

We picked up Logan’s Roadhouse on the way home for dinner and enjoyed some chocolate cake for dessert. It was a very enjoyable birthday.

Post each day challenge

I am very excited. I have been able to meet the challenge every day so far and only have a week left.

Highlights from the week

  • I had several 1:1s with teammates this week. I enjoy getting to connect with them on more than just work.
  • I had the opportunity to encourage a fellow Web professional. I was able to share how he had an impact on me through his appearance on a podcast. He mentioned that my comments were meaningful because he doesn’t always get much feedback when he speaks in public or on podcasts. It brought me a lot of joy to be able to brighten his day.
  • I came up with a new solution for a grid layout of the Toyota Government Affairs team on their site. I changed the layout from Grid layout to Flexbox. This allows us to center the images on the last row if there are less than 8 on the desktop.
  • I am taking PTO next week so my last day of work for 2023 was on Friday. Looking forward to the new opportunities awaiting LGND in the new year.
  • I took an unplanned trip to Nashville on Wednesday. My wife was unable to drive so I took my son up to a doctor’s appointment on Thursday morning and brought back our daughter to spend time at home over the holidays. We ended up being in Nashville for 24 hours.
  • I joined our LGND Campfire on Friday and watched several of my teammates make Christmas cookies. Even though I was not able to participate in the baking, I was glad that I joined the call and hung out with my teammates. It helped that I was not the only one in the peanut gallery.

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