Weeknotes 23:43

December 19, 2023

Week of December 10–16

Work continues to be slow as we wind down the year. Here are a couple of the highlights:

  • I had several 1:1s with teammates.
  • I skinned a new badge generator.
  • I updated some different elements in the Toyota Policy Driver’s gamification project.
  • I had my second-half review on Friday. The conversation was very productive and gave me some ideas for 2024.
  • I used my time to read many articles that are referenced below.

LGND Secret Santa

I got a book, The Jayhawk, the story of the University of Kansas's beloved mascot, and a KU scarf from my secret santa.

On Friday, my LGND team gathered to open Secret Santa gifts. We had drawn names several weeks ago and I think for the first time, everyone got their gifts in time to open. And I think everyone identified the gifts as from Secret Santa so people knew to put those aside to wait to open.

Several of my teammates are great at remembering details that teammates share in our standup casual conversations or other team meetings. Several of those gifts reflected that stored knowledge. I received a book about the KU mascot, the Jayhawk, that I had put on my wishlist. I also received a Jayhawk scarf.

I drew the name of one of our designers. I got him some sketching pencils, Micron pens, a couple of sketchbooks, and the book The Secret Lives of Color. My art school son helped me out.

As tends to happen every year, the last gifts had to be opened in a hurry as several teammates had a client call just after our Campfire. Someone made a note to add a half hour to our time next year.

Update: Post each day challenge

A lighter workload allowed me to give time to writing different posts and I was able to continue to meet the challenge to post something each day. It was more challenging to determine what to write about each day as I had exhausted my lists of ideas from the past. I was able to write one post that I first thought of and made some notes for in 2018.

Articles I read

Books I am reading

What I watched

How I Use Photoshop’s AI Generative Fill to Change Photo Backgrounds (Chris Spooner)

What flavors are you bringing to your work? (Verbal to Visual)

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