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December 14, 2023

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post on my accessibility journey, I thought I would share some links and resources I have collected on the subject of accessibility. This is not an exhaustive list but ones that I found in my Pocket links and links I had shared in my weeknotes.

Two resources that I highly recommend

  • Practical Accessibility course by Sara Soueidan – I have heard great things about this course and Sara is a great teacher.
  • Accessibility Weekly newsletter – This has been a great source for keeping up with the best articles and news on the subject of accessibility.

WCAG 2.2

ALT text and image descriptions

General Education

Understanding how disabled people use the Web/empathy

Developer attitudes


Focus Indicators


  • Accessible Interactions – I enjoyed this post by Jeremy Keith where he explores the easy parts of accessibility and the hard parts. He also talked through a specific example. Is always fun to read about someone else’s thought process as they implement solutions.

Accessibility audits and reviews

  • Audit Sites for Accessibility (video) – This discussion was incredibly helpful to me in learning about accessibility audits. Little did I know that I would be asked to do audits in the six months after watching this video.
  • WCAG-EM Report Tool – Hidde mentioned this great tool in the audit video. You can fill in fields for the report and then save it. I used it to save HTML and CSS and then added my own CSS to customize the report I prepared.
  • Accessibility Review of – Marcy Sutton does an accessibility review of a local radio station’s site and gives some tips that would apply to many sites.

Browser Tools


This post is part of my attempt to post something every day for a month. I was inspired by Michelle Barker, who recently participated in National Blog Posting Month.

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