My History with the Web and Making Websites

  • LifeSpring 1987Worked on first Mac in computer programming class
  • LifeSpring 1989Introduced to first Mac with GUI interface
  • LifeSpring 1993First heard about the Internet
  • LifeMay 1993First Mac – Mac Classic that I married into
  • LifeFebruary 1995First email account and encounter with Web browser
  • BookJune 1997Read Creating Cool HTML4 Web Pages
  • MilestoneJune 1997Built first webpage and first site
  • MilestoneAugust 1999Professional designer and front end developer
  • LifeDecember 1999First order with Amazon


  • ProjectSpring 2000Launched first professional Website
  • CraftMay 2000Bought Dreamweaver and Fireworks
  • BookAugust 2000Read Jakob Nielsen’s Usability book
  • ProjectAugust 2000Started working on
  • ProjectNovember version 2 launched


  • ProjectMay 2001Student LINC Redesign Launched
  • ProjectMay 2001More Than a Summer Survivor Virtual Summer Project
  • ProjectSeptember 2001Special 9/11 Resource section on GodSquad


  • ProjectFebruary 2002Bridgforth Family Website Launched
  • ProjectMay 2002GodSquad e-Summer Project
  • ProjectJuly 2002Webmaster’s Log
  • ProjectDecember 2002GodSquad Redesign Launched


  • ProjectApril 2003Mateo28
  • ProjectApril 2003LINCZone Redesign Launched
  • BookJune 2003Read Don’t Make Me Think
  • CraftJune 2003Macromedia Tutorials on using CSS for presentation and positioning
  • ProjectApril 2003CollegeWalk Launched
  • ProjectSeptember Redesign Launched
  • ProjectSeptember 2003GodSquad Reporting Tool
  • ConferenceNovember 2003First Web conference – Macromedia MAX 2003 in Salt Lake City


  • Life2004Spent the year focused on ministry support development


  • LifeFebruary 2005First blog on Blogger
  • LifeSpring 2005Started using RSS
  • CraftSpring 2005Switched to Firefox as development browser
  • ProjectApril 2005QuEST Launched
  • ProjectMay 2005Created my first table-less Website using HTML and CSS
  • LifeSeptember 2005Joined Flickr
  • ProjectOctober 2005Katrina Relief
  • CraftOctober 2005Started using WordPress
  • ProjectOctober 2005Launched Personal Site
  • ConferenceOctober 2005Attended UI10 Conference in Boston


  • ProjectFebruary 2006Student2Student Redesign
  • BookMay 2006Read Andy Budd’s CSS Mastery
  • ProjectJune 2006CM2007 Launched
  • LifeJune 2006Joined Facebook
  • BookAugust 2006Read The Zen of CSS
  • CraftOctober 2006MacBook Pro – first time I had worked professionally on a Mac
  • ConferenceNovember 2006Attended Refresh ’06 Conference
  • BookDecember 2006Read The Non-Designers’ Design Book


  • BookJanuary 2007Read Andy Clarke’s Transcending CSS
  • CraftFebruary 2007Punted Dreamweaver and returned to hand coding
  • PodcastMarch 2007Started listening to Boagworld podcast
  • CraftMay 2007Coda
  • ProjectMay 2007MySoularium – first site to use Transcending CSS principles
  • ConferenceNovember 2007Attended UI12 conference
  • WorkshopNovember 2007Luke Wroblewski’s Site Seeing Seminar
  • WorkshopNovember 2007Cameron Moll’s Designing Elegant CSS Interfaces Seminar


  • ConferenceApril 2008PhotoShop World Conference
  • ProjectApril 2008Student Venture Executive Getaway and Nancy Wilson site Launched
  • BookJune 2008Read Luke Wroblewski’s Web Form Design
  • LifeJuly 2008Joined Twitter
  • BookJuly 2008Read Basics of Design
  • ProjectAugust 2008GoSummer Project Redesign Launched
  • LifeSeptember 2008iPhone
  • ProjectAug 2008Conference Registration System Launched
  • ProjectDec 2008Big Break Redesign
  • ProjectDec 2008Imagine Your Impact


  • ProjectJanuary 2009My Campus, His Call Launched
  • BookFebruary 2009Read Designing for the Web by Mark Boulton
  • ConferenceJuly 2009Front End Design Conference
  • BookSeptember 2009Handcrafted CSS
  • ProjectSeptember Launched
  • ConferenceDecember 2009WordCamp Orlando



  • BookJanuary 2011Read Andy Clarke’s Hardboiled Web Design
  • ProjectJanuary 2011Cat Doctors’ Design
  • ConferenceFebruary 2010Florida Drupal Camp
  • ProjectMarch 2011PopPhoto Redesign Launch
  • ProjectMarch 2011Broken Phone Booth Launch
  • BookJune 2011Read Ethan Marcotte’s Responsive Web Design
  • BookJune 2011Read Aaron Gustafson’s Adaptive Web Design
  • ProjectJuly 2011Sound+Vision Redesign Launch
  • ConferenceJuly 2011Front End Design Conference
  • ProjectSeptember 2011Science Illustrated Launch
  • ProjectSeptember 2011SAVEUR Mobify site – first Mobile site
  • CraftOctober 2011First Adaptive site I designed and built
  • ProjectOctober 2011American Photo Launch
  • ProjectOctober 2011PopSci Mobile Site
  • ProjectDecember 20112011 SAVEUR Cookie Advent Calendar


  • PodcastJanuary 2012Started listening to Shop Talk Show
  • BookMarch 2012Read Mobile First
  • CraftMarch 2012Started using Sass
  • ProjectApril 2012Started working on redesign – Sass and OOCSS
  • CraftMay 2012Switched to Chrome as my development browser
  • ConferenceJune 2012Front End Design Conference
  • SpeakingJune 2012Front End Design Conference Day 2 – The Power of the Plus
  • TeachingJune 2012Teaching My Kids Building Websites the Right Way
  • ProjectJune 2012Digital Days Launch
  • CraftAugust 2012First Responsive site projects
  • CraftAugust 2012Learned about Drupal CCK and Views on
  • ProjectSeptember 2012Stanford Jobs site – Drupal development
  • ConferenceOctober 2012Converge Florida Conference
  • ProjectNovember 2012Working Mother responsive retrofit launched
  • ProjectDecember 20112012 SAVEUR Cookie Advent Calendar
  • ProjectDecember 2011SAVEUR Video Festival – Last project with Bonnier


  • WorkJanuary 2013Start work at Easy Designs
  • CraftJanuary 2013Started using ExpressionEngine
  • ProjectApril 2013Adaptive layout of Sewanee Registrar launched
  • ProjectJune 2013Adaptive retrofit of Easy Designs launched
  • BookJune 2013Read The Sketchbook Handbook
  • LifeJune 2013Relocated to Chattanooga, Tennessee
  • ProjectOctober 2013Launch of North Shore Chiropractic & Rehab
  • ConferenceOctober 2013Breaking Development Conference in Nashville
  • ProjectNovember 2013Responsive version of this website
  • ProjectDecember 2013Adaptive retrofit of Nichols College ( launched
  • LifeDecember 2013Bought first tablet – Nexus 7 (2013)


  • LifeFebruary 2014HTC One Mini – switched to Android from iOS
  • CraftFebruary 2014Started using Grunt
  • ProjectMarch 2014Adaptive Layout for Web Standards Sherpa launched
  • WorkMarch 2014Last day at Easy Designs
  • CraftApril 2014“Aha” moment with JavaScript – finished course on Codecademy
  • WorkApril 2014Started working with dboy as contractor
  • ProjectJune 2014Premium Images Group launched
  • ProjectAugust 2014Advanced Auto Parts Career site launched
  • ProjectSeptember 2014Falcon Transport Career site launched
  • ProjectOctober 2014Huntington Bank Career site launched
  • BookOctober 2014Read The Mobile Web Handbook
  • ProjectNovember 2014Douglas Autotech Career site launched
  • ProjectNovember 2014Einstein Noah Career site launched (first full career site I built with dboy)
  • ProjectNovember 2014University of Chicago Medical Career site launched
  • BookNovember 2014Read Responsible Responsive Design


  • ProjectJanuary 2015Parallon Career site launched
  • ProjectFebruary 2015Thrivent Financial Services Career site launched
  • ProjectFebruary 2015Clayton Homes Career site launched
  • ProjectMarch 2015Western Union Career site launched
  • CraftMarch 2015Started using Craft CMS
  • ProjectMay 2015Ameripride Career site launched
  • ProjectJuly 2015Stryker Career site launched (Craft CMS)
  • ProjectJuly 2015Axsium Group launched (WordPress)
  • ProjectAugust 2015iKas International and After HiSET Exam site launched
  • ProjectSeptember 2015Alcoa Career Site launched (Craft CMS)
  • ProjectSeptember 2015Daimler TruckTechs Career Site launched
  • NewsletterOctober 2015Subscribed to CSS Layout News
  • ProjectOctober 2015Defenders Career Site launched
  • ProjectNovember 2015Sleepy’s Career Site launched (Craft CMS)
  • ProjectDecember 2015Sun Communities Career Site launched (Craft CMS)
  • ProjectDecember 2015Advanced Healthcare Systems Career Site launched (Craft CMS)


  • ProjectJanuary 2016Graingers Career Site launched (Craft CMS)
  • ProjectJanuary 2016dboy Creative launched (Craft CMS)
  • CraftJanuary 2016First use of responsive images in a project
  • ProjectFebruary 2016Autumn Leaves Career Site launched (Craft CMS)
  • ProjectApril 2016Sun RV Resorts Career Site launched (Craft CMS)
  • CraftJune 2016Used Gulp for the first time
  • ProjectJune 2016Symnons Construction launched (Craft CMS)
  • ProjectJuly 2016Lyneers Staffing Career Site launched (Craft CMS)
  • ProjectJuly 2016HomeMade Custom Build launched
  • ProjectAugust 2016Rentokil Career Site launched (Craft CMS)
  • ProjectSeptember 2016GEO Groups Career Site launched
  • ProjectNovember 2016Austin Project launched (WordPress)
  • ProjectNovember 2016Northland Church redesign launched
  • ProjectDecember 2016The Hub Project launched (WordPress)
  • CraftDecember 2016Learned CSS Grid


  • ProjectJanuary 20171 QPS Tower launched (WordPress)
  • CraftMarch 2017CSS Grid support in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari
  • ProjectMay 2017Taggart Architects launched (WordPress)
  • WorkAugust 2017Started contracting with LGND
  • ProjectOctober 2017Together with Girls Map Project launched
  • ProjectOctober 2017BRT Tax Reform launched
  • ProjectOctober 2017CNAS: Across The Pond, In the Field launched
  • ProjectOctober 2017NAIS: The Leadership Journey launched