CSS3: Ready for primetime?

April 27, 2010

Resources that supplement and support my presentation to the Refresh Orlando group on April 28, 2010.


Suggested resources

  • Web Designer’s Browser Support Checklist – for both CSS3 and HTML5
  • Taking Your Design to the Next Level with CSS3 – great introduction and examples of CSS3 work
  • Fearful – Andy Clark’s thoughts on negative comments made on the article, Taking Your Design to the Next Level with CSS3
  • We’re ready for CSS3, but are we ready for CSS3? – great article to consider the pros and cons of implementing CSS3 in client work
  • An Analogy for Progressive Enhancement – example of Tiger Woods video game
  • For a Beautiful Web – Andy Clarke’s blog. Andy is a progressive designer who is advocates and practices CSS3 use today
  • Web Designer Notebook – Inayaili de León’s personal blog. She has written several very practical articles and tips about using CSS3 and utilizing different properties. She also wrote the article, Taking Your Design to the Next Level with CSS3, that I have already mentioned.
  • Progressive Enhancement with CSS3, a better experience for modern browsers – very good explanation of progressive enhancement. I came across this article the day after I gave my talk.
  • CSS3 Solutions for Internet Explorer – Article posted day after I gave my presentation. Provides some solutions to achieving CSS3 effects in IE with good discussion of the drawback of the solution.
  • Handcrafted CSS, a book by Dan Cederholm. Covers many of the CSS3 properties including a great chapter on RGBa. Great tips throughout the book on being a craftsman and making good design decisions.
  • Hardboiled Web Design – e-book by Andy Clarke that will be available in Fall 2010. I believe he will cover both CSS3 and HTML5
  • My CSS3 bookmarks on Delicious

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