The Holy Spirit and Creativity

October 30, 2006

Originally posted on Godly Creative People Forum on August 22. It gives a little more background on the heart behind my new theme of “thirtyonethree.”

This summer I took a theology class with Dr. Bruce Ware of Southern Seminary. One of the lectures focused on the Holy Spirit. Dr. Ware pointed out that the Holy Spirit was given temporarily in the Old Testament and that there was some functional reason to empower them, a task to accomplish.

There were only four groups that Scripture records as the Holy Spirit empowering in the Old Testament:

  1. Civil leaders – Moses, leaders that Moses shared the load with (Numbers 11:10-17, 24-29) Saul and David are examples
  2. Judges
  3. Prophets
  4. A craftsmen – Exodus 31:3 explains that the Holy Spirit empowered Bezalel to do works of art and craftsmanship for the tabernacle

I found it really interesting that one the four categories was for creative endeavors. One of the greatest challenges I find is involving God through the entire creative process, through prayer and constant conversation. I want to involve God through the entire process. I don’t want my skills and competencies to ever cause me to forget Who endowed me with them and it is His grace that empowers me.

I love the moments where the creative flow is going and I think of a quote from Eric Liddell. He said that when he ran, he felt God’s pleasure. He was doing what God gifted him to do. I have moments when I feel the pleasure of God when I create. And there are moments when it is so obvious that it is the Holy Spirit working in me to solve a creative problem or have an idea.

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