Class in Session

July 13, 2006

FYI, here is a list of the classes I am taking or have taken this summer:

  • Biblical Interpretation – I liked the lecture and workshop aspect of this class.  We were taught some new ideas about interpreting Scripture in light of the whole redemptive story of the Bible.  It is just another way to consider the context.  I had been exposed to this line of thinking about 8 years ago (the last time I went through Campus Crusade’s Institute for Biblical Studies).  I spent two weeks unpacking Genesis 11:1-9 and saw some new things I had not seen before.
  • Christian Worldview – a better name would be comparative worldviews.  I had taken this class 13 years ago but did not complete it.  It was a sense of relief to complete this course last week.  I enjoyed the video clips that we saw that illustrated how different worldviews come out in Hollywood movies.
  • Biblical Communication – this week and next, I am taking the Genesis 11:1-9 passage and making it into a 20 minute talk and Bible study lesson.  Thinking about delivering this talk makes me nervous.  Like many others, public speaking is not something I look forward to.  But I do enjoy teaching and sharing what I have learned from the Word.
  • Biblical Theology: God, Bible, and the Holy Spirit – I have really enjoyed this class and our teacher Dr. Bruce Ware.  His love for God and for the theology that leads him to worship comes through in his lectures.  I have really enjoyed going through the theology of the Bible and starting on the theology of God today.

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