Off to Denver

January 1, 2007

I am heading to Denver today to attend the Denver Christmas Conference. This is a gathering over about 1000 students from Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and other places.

I am going to be interviewing students at the conference to help me guide me in future improvements to I am taking the first steps toward creating user personas.
I first read about personas in Kelly Goto’s Web Redesign 2.0 and have heard lots of good things about them from Jared Spool. I believe creating personas will help me to better design and develop sites that equip students to reach their campus.

Steve Moudler’s book, The User is Always Right has been helpful in preparing me to ask the right questions to get the information that I want and need. It is the first really practical resource that I have found that guides you through the process of creating useable personas.

I am looking forward renewing relationships with Campus Crusade for Christ staff that we served within this region of the country when we were field staff at Kansas State.

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