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About Me

The defining thing about my life is my Christian faith. It shapes all that I do.

I wake up each morning excited about the challenges and creative opportunities that I will encounter in my work. I love creating high quality sites that help both clients and their audience achieve their goals.

The results are beautiful, inspiring, high-quality solutions that go above and beyond expectations of those I work with.

I pride myself on being a professional who can be counted on to meet deadlines and communicate well throughout the process.

I enjoy connecting others with knowledge or resources that will make them more successful. This site started as a place for me to share helpful resources, software, and links to articles that I have benefited me.


Webcraftsman is not just my Twitter moniker. It describes me to a “t.” I put my heart and soul into every design I code. My craftsmanship is embodied in my style, dedication, and attention to detail.

I am a front-end expert with a passion for turning design concepts into engaging dynamic sites with super clean semantic markup.

I have a passion for the Web and love to keep up with the latest trends and techniques. I continually take action to learn and apply new things through books, blogs, podcasts, and conferences.