You Send It and TinyUrl

January 26, 2006

There are two websites that I found out about recently that are great tools.

You Send it – You can send up to 1GB files through this website. You upload it to their server and they send an email to your receipt with a link to download it from their server. You do not have to sign up. All you do is type in your email, your recepient and upload the file you want to send them.

Tinyurl – Ever have long urls that you want to send to people so they can get a resource? Go to Tinyurl. Type in (or paste) the long url into their form box and they generate a shorter url that you can use in your email. Here is an example from one of my sites, This link: becomes this link:

1 Comment

  1. rob

    January 26th, 2006

    I love TinyURL! I keep a shortcut on my links menu all the time.