Yesterday was “not a good day for science”

January 6, 2006

I did not have a good day with technology yesterday. I finally got back my digital camera from Best Buy after a month and it was not fixed. How frustrating. My broadband connection was not working last night (just got it installed in the morning). And then I was almost locked out of my laptop because I somehow changed the language setting to “Hungarian” so my computer would not accept my password. So I went to my old standby of power off and reboot and it worked.

I got the title of this post from “Dexter’s Laboratory (episode #24 according to their website)” It is a show on Cartoon Network that I watched a lot when we lived in Hungary fo a year in 1997-98. Cartoon Network and CNN were the only two English channels we got. Dexter is a genius child who has a secret bedroom laboratory. When Dexter has a bad day, he would say, “This is not a good day for science.” I like saying it when I have a bad or challenging day like I did yesterday.

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