Where is the fun haiku

September 24, 2008

Where did the fun go?
Many detail tasks to attend
I want to design

My team leader mentioned yesterday that the fun has not been in his work recently. I feel the same way. I want to design or craft a Web page. But too many other details or meetings have taken my time.

These are all important things but design and crafting is what my heart longs to do. I want to have time to play around and try new things. That is how God has made me. I look forward to a new season when I can experience this again.

“Come back to me.” Line from The Two Towers movie that expresses my longing.

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  1. Jeff

    September 24th, 2008

    I was inspired to write a haiku because my daughter and wife were writing them yesterday as a part of a homeschool lesson. They came up with some really good ones.