What Makes GodSquad.com Successful??

December 21, 2005

I recently got an email from a former Campus Crusade for Christ staff member who is now working with Prison Fellowship. He wanted to get some tips based on my work with GodSquad.com. Here is my response:

To be honest, I am having some trouble in determining what to tell you. I feel like the part of GodSquad that helps new students to consider starting a ministry on their campus is the weakest part of the site. I have redone it several times and I am still not that happy with it. It does communicate our vision and how they can be a part of it. I think it is more of a God thing then what we are doing with the site. I think the rest of the site and the valuable resources are probably a selling point.

I have been considering looking at sites like Weight Watchers and others to see what kind of “preview” they give to those considering “joining”. I would love to have some video at some point showing students who have started a ministry. Another idea I have to start is just have some testimonials with pictures and text so that new people could identify with. Here is a recent article that got me thinking more about it.

I wish I could be of more help. To be honest, I am amazed that I get as many contacts through the site as I do because I think it could be a whole lot better. Maybe the fact that we do a fairly good job of laying out the process that reassures them. Again, I think it is mostly a God thing.

I may be short changing myself. I have put thought into how to cast vision for new students and volunteers to start ministries. But I have never been very happy with the solutions I have come up with. I would much rather have images and video that can help create a more emotional connection which is what you want to do in vision casting. I had started learning Flash a couple of years ago for that very reason. I would like to get some video of a successful launch so that potential leaders could “see it” in action.

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