Weeknotes 21:13

September 7, 2021

Week of August 29 - September 4

  • I moved back into my office on Sunday. My daughter was using my office as her room while she was home for the summer. But she has moved back to Nashville last weekend so I was able to reclaim the space. I moved in a lot quicker this go around. It began to feel more like my space again near the end of the week.
  • I enjoyed my road trip up to Nashville to help move my daughter into her on-campus apartment. I enjoy spending some time in her world. After we unloaded the van, I joined her and her roommate for lunch at the cafeteria. Being on a college campus is a very familiar thing as we spent many years working in campus ministry before I started building websites professionally. It was fun to watch her reconnect with people she has not seen in four months.
  • I started a new project last week. We (LGND) are building a WordPress site for the Canadian embassy in Mexico. We are cloning the site we built for the Canadian embassy in DC and then updating colors and imagery to fit into a new design for this specific site.
  • I also worked on building out a case study for the Resolve to Save Lives: Epidemics That Didn’t Happen project that I was involved in earlier this year. The case studies on our site use Divi page builder.

Online Reading

  • Americans Are Losing Sight of the Pandemic Endgame
  • What I Wish I Knew About CSS When Starting Out As A Frontender – I have been thinking a lot recently about the fundamentals of CSS and this was some good food for thought. Goes along with things covered in Kevin Powell’s CSS Demystified course, which I am currently working through.
  • I read several articles this past week about vaccination and mask mandates. Because this is a controversial subject, I am choosing not to list out the different things I read. But wanted to note that it is something I have been reading and thinking about.
  • The Cracks in Our Debates – I am still chewing on this one. Made me realize there are several things that I would consider “morally obligatory” that others do not. Once again I am reminded of the great need for humility, especially on my own part, as I live through these days.
  • He Was On The Fence About The Vaccine – This is a video my wife made me aware of. I think it is important at the end of the day to remember that COVID is about individual stories and people.
  • I Bet You Don’t Keep A Developer Journal: 3 Reasons You Should – This is an idea I have thought about many times. I tried to keep a project notebook at one point. I think I would benefit from this sort of documentation.

Reading (Books)

  • Play – I finished this book on Monday. Later in the week, I wrote down some notes of things that caught my eye or made me think. The author’s definition of “play” is a lot broader than I have thought of it. I am glad that I read it. I am continuing to chew on it.
  • The Lost Discipline of Conversation – A rich and challenging book but still trying to grasp how this discipline looks lived out in different relationships.
  • The Power of Trust – An interesting look at how companies build trust with employees, shareholders, and the public. Full of different case studies. This is another title that I requested from my local library.
  • The Alliance – I am listening to the audiobook of this title, something I rarely do. It was recommended by one of the founders of LGND. It is proposing a new solution for the employer-employee relationship, which I agree has been broken for some time in our society. I am interested to see how this one develops.


  • Making The Cut: Season One (Prime)
  • Enterprise (Netflix) – I have been watching a lot of the two to three-episode stories in Season 4.
  • What If? (Disney+)


  • FIFA20 (Rangers of Scottish Premier League) – playing through my second season. Currently in first place but Celtic is right on my tail.

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