Weeknotes 21:16

September 28, 2021

Week of September 19-25

  • Last week was a bit of a slow week at work. I have several projects in motion but they were all waiting on client feedback or content.
  • I added some interactive elements to the LGND Resolve to Save Lives case study. We have two places where we implemented video behind some masked images to create the effect of scrolling that content in a desktop monitor and an iPad. I used clip-path to mask the videos in the right places.
  • Late in the week, I played around on Codepen to play around with some solutions for a project that I will start next week (September 27). One of the pens I created was to play around with some text outline effects.
  • I was very excited on Saturday that the Tampa Bay Rays clinched the American League East Division title. This team seems to be better than last year so hoping they can make it back to the World Series and win it this time around.

Reading: Online Articles and Videos

Reading: Books

  • The Start-up of You – I recently listened to most of the book, The Alliance, which is written by the same authors. That book referenced some things from the Start-Up book so I got it from the local library. I like the premise of the book, that you need to think about your career like a start-up. This means embracing a different mindset than traditional career management books have taught. It is not surprising that this book covers a lot about networking since one of the authors started LinkedIn.
  • Lessons from the Upper Room – I have really enjoyed this devotional book about the last hours of Jesus with his disciples. It is a meaty devotional that has given me a lot to think about. I had really wanted to read something that would draw me closer to the Lord and this book has really fit that bill.


  • Manifest (Netflix)
  • Inspector Lewis (Prime Masterpiece Subscription)
  • What If? (Disney+)
  • Chiefs vs. Ravens – This was a really good game and I believe the best team won in the end (though I would have liked to see the Chiefs win).


  • FIFA20 (Rangers of Scottish Premier League)
  • MLB The Show 20 – I played a game with the Rays over the weekend.

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