Weeknotes 19:12

September 2, 2019

Week of August 25-31

It was a very busy week of work. I juggled 4 different projects during the week. One of the projects launched late Tuesday and another one will launch on Tuesday of this week (phase 2 of an event landing page). The other projects will be launching the following week. So I have had to bounce back and forth as I respond to client change requests and as we QA these projects as they are about to go out the door.

I built a site for Greater Washington Partnership’s Capital CoLAB last week. We launched the “desktop” version last week and I will work on the mobile and tablet styles this week. Not how I am normally work (launching a site before it is fully responsive) but they needed a quick turnaround and wanted to get it out there for students to start considering.


I read some different books over the holiday weekend. I picked up a book that God had used in my life in a significant way in college, Classic Christianity. It was fun to visit an “old friend” and to read the notes I left in the margin and the passages I highlighted.

Building Custom Blocks with ACF (Gutenberg)

I discovered this course through a mention on Twitter. I had taken some courses in the past with Zac so I figured this will be worth it to learn how to use Advanced Custom Fields to build custom blocks in Gutenberg. I have become more interested in trying to build a site with Gutenberg and had considered it for a recent build.

I was initially very skeptical of Gutenberg and I do not like that they introduced the React framework into the system. I am very excited that ACF now has a solution to build custom blocks without having to know React and get into the Javascript. I have seen several tweets and read a few articles on how to do it but looking forward to diving a bit deeper into the process. The course is still in pre-order and I look forward to when it is ready to view.

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