Weeknotes 19:15, Part 2 – Reading and Reading List

October 14, 2019

Week of October 6-12

With a three-day weekend, I took some time on Saturday to catch up on some articles that I saved in Pocket.


Articles I Want to Read

Though I did get a chance to read several articles over the weekend, I still have a list ones I want to get to.

Sites That Have Caught My Eye

Recent work by Electric Pulp out of South Dakota
I like this slider/carousel uses vertical scroll to advance. Might be something to think about using on a future project.


  • At the end of the week, I watched the first two episodes of Inside Bill Gates Mind on Netflix. I have enjoyed this look into his life and he takes in information, processes and sees connections. I am really glad he is putting this to work to solve the sanitation problem that is leading to unclean water and disease in so much of the Third World.
  • I finally finished watching Enterprise on Netflix

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