Weeknotes 20:07

May 3, 2020

Week of April 26 - May 2

  • I continued working on a redesign project that I originally started back in October. I finished converting the templates from static content to use Advanced Custom Fields and allow the content to be editable through WordPress. We will be turning over the staging site to the client at the end of this coming week to QA. Hoping to launch by mid-month.
  • Last week I mentioned that I would like a simpler solution to implementing resolution switching responsive images. My current strategy is to define an image size for the 1x resolution and upload a 2x resolution image. I add instructions for the image field to upload an image with the dimensions needed for the 2x resolution. I end up having to define a lot of image sizes but it is better than a strategy I employed before that made the client upload both the 2x and 1x if they wanted to change out images or add new content.
  • I have spent more time journaling recently. It has been good to reflect on life and to reflect on some of the things that I am reading. It also helps me to process life through pen and paper.
  • Thursday was a really hard day. It started with a trip to the grocery store. I don’t go inside the grocery store much these days but I had to pick up a prescription. The experience just left me frustrated about the current state of affairs. Just a very visible reminder of the things we have lost recently in dealing with COVID-19. Just felt the emotions throughout the rest of the day.
  • I appreciated this statement that Clearleft put out for its employees. It is good to see companies recognize that these times are not necessarily business as usual.

  • Really excited to see that Masonry layout is coming to CSS Grid. Firefox has already implemented a solution in Firefox Nightly.  Jen Simmons has already made a demo on Codepen.


Online Reading

  • When Everything is Not Obvious – I think we could use a lot more humility in our conversations especially when we disagree about the right strategies to use as we navigate a COVID-19 world.
  • College Campuses Must Reopen in the Fall. Here’s How We Do It – Being the parent of a college student, I found this an interesting read. I don’t agree with most of it and think it is very impractical. I know there are going to be a lot of tough decisions ahead for both college administrations and parents as we look to the Fall semester.
  • Are You Writing Responsive CSS The Wrong Way – I discovered Kevin Powells’s channel on YouTube over the weekend. This is one of the videos I watched. I am a mobile-first advocate. And for a lot of the reasons Kevin mentions, I think it is a better way to develop and you end up writing less code.
  • I’m Grieving Certainty – personal post by Gregg Pollack. I have felt the same thing and I am sure a lot of others are also in the grieving process. A couple of people I know have suggested making a list of things we have lost and we are grieving over these days. I think it is a healthy exercise to reflect upon.

Book Reading

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