Weeknotes 20:09

May 18, 2020

Week of May 10 - 16

New Project

I started working on a new project this past week for the Airport Cooperative Research Program. We are building a WordPress site to share insights about transformative technologies to help educate and inform airport operators about technologies they can utilize now or in the near future.

The project is reusing a custom template from a previous project. Most of my work is to refactor the CSS to match the branding of this site and writing the custom template code for the unique needs of this site. It is nice to work on a project that I can just jump right in without having to make a lot of the preliminary decisions that are needed for a fresh from the ground-up project. There are still enough challenges to make the project interesting.

Online Reading

Reading (Books)

  • Atomic Habits – started two weeks ago
  • All Things for Good – I finished this Christian classic over the weekend.
  • Plugged In – I started this book at the end of the week. Not quite what I expected so far. Even looking at the description on Amazon just now, it has not quite covered the topics that are mentioned in the book description. I am guessing that the author is building a foundation that will be needed to look into the culture we consume.


  • Budapest is one of my favorite cities. I enjoyed watching this video and seeing familiar sites. Crazy to see the city “silent.”
  • The West Wing on Netflix
  • Disney Galleries: The Mandalorian: The Cast on Disney+
  • Herbie the Love Bug (Disney+) – Several members of my family watched this on Thursday. I wasn’t planning to watch it but got pulled in.
  • Prop Culture (Disney+) –  I watched the episodes about The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Last Man Standing (Local TV)



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