Weeknotes 23:07

March 5, 2023

Week of February 26–March 3

Text-wrap balancing

Text-wrap balancing is an exciting new feature that will distribute the text more evenly up to 4 lines. This will eliminate widows and make headlines look a bit nicer.

It is now available to play around with in Chrome Canary and there is an intent to ship so we should be seeing this in Chrome in the near future. It will make a nice enhancement.

I played around with it a little bit on Friday and created a simple demo on Codepen (only viewable in Chrome Canary). I would highly recommend watching Una’s demo that I embedded above.

Work highlights

  • After taking an extended weekend, I was back to work on Tuesday. I built a report template for the Energy Efficiency Hub to complete a set of new page templates they requested in their resource section. They can now build out individual event pages, article pages, and report pages along with their downloadable file and video resources. I also built out examples of the article and report pages on their staging environment, which they much appreciated.
  • I addressed content updates and design modifications that our client asked for on the maritime innovator project I have been working on this past month. We will be launching that project in the coming week.
  • I made several enhancements to the Consulate General of Canada in New York site. This is a project that I first built in early 2021. Their team recently came to LGND asking to modify and add some features. I have been addressing one or two tasks a week in between the major project I have been working on.

“Florida man” animal encounters

Each Friday at LGND standup, we have a fun Friday question to end the week and get to know one another a bit better. This week’s question was to share a “Florida man” animal encounter.

One day, my wife and I were walking in from the parking lot to the Campus Crusade headquarters campus in Orlando. I heard some sandhill cranes “squawking.” In my mind, I was thinking, they are probably after me. It is one of those unspoken thoughts. I am not really sure why I thought it but I did. I was not even sure where the birds were at this point.

Just then, I look and see the cranes in a straight path to my left. They take off and are flying right at me. So I took off and dashed to the door leaving my wife behind in the path of the birds. We were about 90 feet from the door. She gave me a hard time for the rest of the day about how I left her there to fend for herself.

Articles I read

What I am reading

What I watched

  • How the Chiefs embarrassed the Eagles with one play (YouTube) – I enjoyed watching this video that highlights the strategies that Andy Reid used against the Eagles in the Super Bowl. He ran several plays just to set up this play that scored two of their touchdowns in the game.
  • New Amsterdam (Netflix)
  • Somebody Feed Phil (Netflix)
  • Madame Secretary (Netflix)
  • Bad Batch (Disney+)
  • The Mandalorian (Season 3 on Disney+)

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