Weeknotes 22:08

March 5, 2022

Week of February 27-March 5

  • My workload has been a bit slow recently as I wait to start my next big project next week. I worked on the Connect2Canada project, adding a dynamic events page to replace static content presently on the site. I finished up incorporating feedback from our last client meeting a couple of weeks ago and addressed a few bugs. I also created a WordPress guide for the Canadian team. My team leader gave me a stretch goal to improve the event listing templates. I came up with a solution on Monday but had a chance to revisit it Tuesday to make it even better.
  • Because I had a solution in place that worked, my team leader decided to let me use some professional development time to improve upon the solution a bit more. It involved using the pre_get_posts hook in WordPress. This allowed me to use the main query and adjust the number of posts that display in my event listing. In the past, I have used WP_Query even for just one query on the page. This is one of many WordPress coding practices that I have revisited recently. It has led to better solutions that take better advantage of WordPress’ functionality and improve performance.
  • I took some time late in the week to try to improve upon a solution with IntersectionObserver. I wanted to make my script leaner and use a loop instead of having three separate observers. I had planned to use some data attributes to pull in the different rootMargin options and target the elements that I wanted to add a class to when the observer “intersected.” I tried a couple of different ways to refactor my code but kept getting error messages. It might be that I need 3 separate observers. Not sure yet. It was great to experiment and exercise a growth mindset even though I did not come away with a successful solution.

Who is a woman that you admire, look up to, or idolize?

On our team standup call, we each have to answer a non-project-related question on Fridays. The question this week was, “who is a woman you admire, look up to, or idolize?” I answered “my wife.” I admire how she has homeschooled our three kids. Our oldest will be graduating from college in a couple of months and my son will be graduating from high school. And my wife has been the primary caregiver of her mom, who moved in with us almost three years ago. I admire how she handles it all and has done such a great job of preparing our kids to pursue their higher education.

As I listened to other teammates share, I also thought about two women in the Web industry that I am very grateful for, Rachel Andrew and Jen Simmons. Both of them have invested a lot of time in both education and having input into new layout methods developed in CSS. Both of them helped me to understand how to utilize these tools that I use every day in my work. Thank you, Rachel and Jen.

Articles I read

  • New Features in CSS 2022 – I glanced through this tour of new CSS features from Michelle Barker. I was familiar with most of them. This is a great introduction if you want to make yourself familiar with new solutions that are coming to CSS in the near future.
  • Removing Résumés From Hiring Process Can Improve Diversity – An interesting read about how companies are trying to make the job search more equitable.
  • America Is Afraid of War. Putin Knows It. – Interesting commentary on current events.
  • I Think You Can Do Better – A look at constructive criticism and avoiding the extremes.
  • Putin, the West, and the Myth of Progress – The invasion of Ukraine exposes the myth of progress as it leaves many bewildered about how this could happen in our enlightened world.
  • What Does a Faith Crisis Feel Like – I always enjoy reading Jon Bloom. I would not go so far as to say that I have experienced a faith crisis over the past two years, but it has been one of the most trying roads of my spiritual journey. Helpful to be aware of, especially as I may interact with others who find themselves in this place.
  • The 15 minute fix vs the 30 day fix – Dave Rupert examines the tension between speed and sustainability in software development.
  • The Monty Hall Rewrite – Dave Rupert linked to this article in his. This examines the fallacy that the reason a rewrite solution is better is just because of the tool. The author points out the many reasons why a solution improves when we revisit it.
  • When Evil Is Called Good
  • Is Firefox OK? – Firefox has lost a lot of ground over the past few years. It is my browser of choice. And it is important that it stay around to keep Google in check and promote healthy accountability.

What I watched

What they got wrong with CSS – Kevin Powell explores the issues that the CSS working group acknowledges went wrong in the design of CSS.

  • Frasier (Peacock)
  • All Creatures Great & Small (PBS Masterpiece Subscription on Prime) – My wife and I are rewatching season 1 after finishing season 2 last weekend.
  • Shang-Chi (Disney+)
  • Avengers: Endgame (Disney+)

What I listened to

  • One Footer in the Grave podcast (Savory cabbage and kalettes) – I enjoy listening to the chemistry of these Web old-timers (being one myself). I use to enjoy listening to Paul and Marcus on the Boagworld podcast and Jon Hicks on The Rissington Podcast. And Andy was on Boagworld many times so listening to this is like spending time with old friends.

What books I read

What I played

  • Wordle
  • MLB The Show 21 (Braves) – I have been limiting my time on the PS4 to the weekends recently.



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