Weeknotes 21:10

July 27, 2021

Week of July 17-24

The highlight of the week was the LGND’s Virtual Retreat on Friday. This is the second year we have met virtually for a day of building closer connections within our team. We started the day with a casual hangout time over breakfast.

Next, we were paired with other teammates for an exercise to create a sticker for one of our updated values. I enjoyed collaborating with some teammates that I don’t get to work with often.

The company sent us a debit card to order lunch from a local food delivery service. I ordered a steak quesadilla from Moe’s, which I have not had since before the pandemic. We enjoyed hanging over lunch.

In the afternoon, we played a trivia game based on fun facts each of our teammates sent in. Each round included a story behind the fun fact. Some of them generated a lot of discussions. It was a really good time of getting to each other better.

For the second straight year, I was on the team that won the scavenger hunt. We finished out the day with superlative paper plate awards. This was another fun time of reflecting on what each team member brings to our team. My award was “future inspirational author” based on my blogging and the insights I share at our book club meetings.


  • I enjoyed watching my youngest perform in Romeo and Juliet last weekend. Always a joy to see her perform, whether it is ballet or drama. She played Benvolio.
  • I took a couple of days off at the beginning of the week so that my son and I could see the Padres play the Braves in Atlanta. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and the game was canceled. We spent about an hour and a half at the ballpark, walking around and then sitting in our seats hoping the game would be played. It was still a fun experience to share with my son and I enjoyed the time we got to spend together.

  • Before leaving Atlanta, we stopped at IKEA and bought a wardrobe for my son. I enjoyed building it with him later in the day.
  • GenesisHR project – I continued working on this project when I got back in the office on Wednesday. Most of the work this week was adding content and fixing anything that is not quite working the way we would like it to. I also spent time enhancing the Gutenberg UI as well as customize the block listing to only list blocks that we have specifically designed for or styled for the project.
  • I helped my teammate set up her local development environment on her Mac. I had forgotten how much of a process that it is to set up Apache for development on a Mac.
  • I found out one of my teammates will be moving from our team after next week. It is always a bummer to find out that someone you enjoy working with will no longer be part of your work experience.
  • I made a donut run with my youngest on Saturday. I have been craving a chocolate cheesecake donut from Tasty Donuts for over a year. It was well worth the wait.
A glazed donut with cream cheese frosting, graham crackers, and a dollop of chocolate. Been craving one of these for over a year and a half.


  • The Olympic Games – I watched the opening ceremony on Friday with my family. My favorite part was the pictograms coming to life. I have enjoyed watching various events throughout the weekend.
  • Alias (Prime)
  • Bumblebee – I watched this at the hotel on Monday night after coming back from the canceled baseball game.



  • MLB The Show 20 (Padres)
  • FIFA20 (Rangers)

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