Weeknotes 19:08

July 1, 2019

Week of June 30 - July 6


  • The animation project I have been working on moved into its fourth week.
  • I worked on mobile and tablet layout
  • I came up with a plan and asked the designer to create SVG backgrounds that would work well across screens in portrait mode
  • I was able to use the animation scripts in GreenSock that I had already created by just adding the new SVGs to the mix
  • My solution was to have two different sets of SVG images for the backgrounds and I would hide the version I did not need depending on screen size
  • Things fell into place a lot smoothier that I thought they would
  • I found some new joy in the project as I finally had things in place and could go back and polish and refine


  • I read a bit more in Inclusive Design Patterns over the weekend.
  • I have been reading A Craftsman’s Legacy over the past month and really enjoyed it.  I am a big fan of the show. Each time I watch it, it connects with something deep inside of me. The book has been much the same. I only have one more chapter to read.


  • Continuing to watch Fraser on Netflix
  • Enjoyed watching episode 2 of Endeavor: Season 6 on the PBS app. We were able to access it on Sunday night while it was still airing on our local PBS station. Can’t wait to watch episode 3 this week.
  • Looking forward to watching the latest season of Madam Secretary soon. My wife and I were watching it earlier this spring.
  • I started up with Enterprise: Season 3 after a couple of weeks hiatus.


  • I started playing MLB The Show 18 regularly at the beginning of June. I opted not to buy the latest release for 2019. I am playing with the Tampa Bay Rays. We became fans of the team when we lived in Florida and took several trips over to St. Pete each summer to enjoy Major League Baseball. Through some trades and using the end of the season roster, my roster is pretty similar to this year’s team.
  • I started a new season with a new team in FIFA19. I am playing with Lyon in the French First Division. I had played three seasons with Juventus and was ready for a change.

Looking Ahead

I am looking forward to the upcoming four-day weekend. So glad that my company is taking Friday off as well. Looking forward to seeing Spiderman: Far from Home this week and taking in Avengers: Endgame later this week.

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