Weeknotes 24:03

January 22, 2024

Week of January 14–20

Snow Day

Snow days are rare in Chattanooga so we enjoy them when they happen. We (I) even write blog posts about them.

Fresh new look

I launched a refresh to the site design on Tuesday. It went quickly from idea to reality–less than two weeks. I wrote about the “refresh” and some of the things I gained from the experience. I mentioned that I plan to evolve the site in the coming year. I was able to add a theme switcher later in the week thanks to this article by Aleksandr Hovhannisyan.

Other highlights from the week

  • I wrote a post about Andy Clarke’s book, Hardboiled Web Design. I had a memory come up on Facebook of the first time I read it thirteen years ago.
  • I addressed some issues from our internal QA for the Toyota Policy Drivers Gamification Hub. There were not many so I was very pleased. We handed the site off to the client for QA on their end at the end of the week.
  • I was able to optimize several assets on the game hub with the help of my teammates. We switched out some animated GIFs for video in several places. And I went back and optimized some other images and was able to cut the page weight in half with all those improvements.

Components, Wings, and Ranch versus Blue Cheese

For our Friday Campfire, Ross and Matty combined efforts to talk about component design and implementation on the development side in WordPress. They got creative with their presentation and tapped into a team feud of which sauce goes better on chicken wings–ranch or bleu cheese. And a debate about flat or drum for the chicken wing.

Ross built out several Gutenberg components to show how we can add variants to a component to give it a lot of different looks or uses in a site build. He also added some Easter eggs where you can dip the wings on the front end. He showed us the component in the backend editor and showed off the different variants he had created.

One of my teammates suggested the topic a couple of weeks ago in a Team Leads discussion. LGND just kicked off a project that will use a lot of components. The project is one of the largest in scope that we have engaged in. Ross and Matty did a fantastic job in making the presentation engaging and fun. It did a great job explaining how design and development can work together in creating components for our projects.

Articles I read

Books I am reading

What I watched

Most people have no idea you can style underlines like this (Kevin Powell)

Best Things To Do in Barcelona Spain 2023 4K – I wanted to see some of the sights from Barcelona where my son is studying this spring. I am hoping to visit him at the end of his semester to see Barcelona and travel to another European destination.

What I played

MLB The Show 23 (Rays) – I lost two games at the beginning of the week.

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