Weeknotes 19:22

December 23, 2019

Week of December 15-21

  • The flu hit our household hard this past week. Each one of our three kids came down with it about every two days. This led to more responsibility (going out to the store more often), an adjusted work schedule (one of the benefits of working remotely), and uneasiness with both my wife and myself that we would not come down with it. So far neither one of us has though we both have not felt 100% percent ourselves.
  • I moved my desk out of my office and down to our dining room (which we do not use as a dining room). I did this to give my oldest daughter who is home from college her own space/room to recover.
  • I had a birthday. I would have said celebrated a birthday but with the flu going through our house, we did not get a chance to celebrate this week. I was very grateful for my teammates who reached out to me on Slack and other friends who took the time to wish me a happy birthday on Facebook.
  • Through all the craziness, I continued to work on the project redesign that I have been focused on this past month. It is coming along well and each page seems to go a bit quicker as some of the page components are used on pages I have already developed. I was also able to reuse some scripts from previous projects that made that development go quicker.
  • Later in the week, I worked on a Year-End Review for one of our clients. Most of the work was to swap out content and backgrounds. But I also had to replace the “slide” functionality, which was no longer working and implemented fullPage. I created some horizontal slides through the plugin to break up larger content areas so they would fit vertically within the section slides.

  • I saw a decade’s reflection post by Dan Davies on Thursday. After reading his post, I started thinking about some of the things I would write about if I were to reflect on the decade. I took some time to record some ideas in Evernote and hope to write up a post this week. Reflection is something I really enjoy doing but sometimes I think I can go too deep and wander off the trail. I started doing some research last night and I am looking forward to seeing how it comes together.
  • I enjoyed reading Rachel Andrew’s post on 24 Ways, A History of CSS through Fifteen Years of 24 Ways. Interesting to see that a lot of her focus was on CSS Layout. I have hugely benefitted from her work over the years and grateful for all her contributions.
  • I was sad to see that 24 Ways is in its final year. I have looked forward to it every year since it started 15 years ago. But I also understand that it is a huge undertaking. Thank you so much, Drew, Anna, Brian, Owen,  and all the guest writers who have contributed over the years.
  • I have really been enjoying reading through the book Range. My favorite chapter so far has been chapter 6, Flirting with Your Possible Self. This chapter addresses how we change over time and that our work and life preferences change as well. I have found this to be true. I have always struggled when people have asked what my goals are for the next 5-10 years or what I see myself doing. I really don’t know. I have tended to respond to the opportunities in front of me. I don’t always know what is ahead. I continue to learn and have new experiences that lead me in new directions. This chapter was very affirming to me as I read about others who have followed a similar path.
  • I started Season 2 of Agent Carter on Disney+.
  • I am continuing to enjoy The Repair Shop on Netflix.
I was excited that the book, Inclusive Components, came in the mail.
  • I was excited that my copy of Inclusive Components arrived in the mail on Tuesday. I am looking forward to digging into it in the new year. I feel like this is the one area of accessibility that I really need to up my game.
  • I have been avoiding social media since the end of the week because I don’t want to know anything about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Unfortunately, I have seen some bits but nothing specific. I feel a bit apprehensive about seeing it hoping that I like where the story has gone. Not sure when I will get to see it. Just hoping it does not get spoiled before I get there.

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