Weeknotes 21:24

December 20, 2021

Week of December 12-18

  • Barba – As I mentioned last week, project work has been slow so I have taken some time for professional development. I worked through the second and third modules of Petr Tichy’s free Barba.js course on I Hate Tomatoes. These modules addressed working with Greensock with Barba animations. I also played around with Barba at the end of the week on a real project. I created a playground branch in my Git repo and implemented Barba on a couple of pages with CSS animations. I learned some things about working with longer pages of content.
  • 12 Days of WebStephanie Eckels started her 12 Days of Web articles last week. I was only able to read through 2 of them at the beginning of the week. The first one on Intersection Observer was very helpful. I had used Intersection Observer on a recent project. I learned that I should have used rootMargin instead of threshold for the desired behavior I wanted. This article helped me to fill a gap in my knowledge about Intersection Observer that will help me in using it in the future. I am looking forward to reading about and playing with Houdini and the Paint API.
  • Nashville trip – On Wednesday, I made my third trip up to Nashville in the past 4 weeks. I took a shuttle up to the airport and then a Lyft to campus. I accompanied my daughter home for Christmas. On the way up, I listened to the audiobook, Practicing Thankfulness. I rarely have a need for rideshare so it is not something I have experienced before. I was very impressed by using the Lyft app. I like that the app told me the name of my driver, the color of his car, and his license plate. I was already in the correct waiting area and the driver arrived in 2 minutes. A very pleasant experience.
  • The State of CSS 2021 report was released last week. I had taken the survey a couple of months ago. I was excited to see that CSS Grid adoption is improving. I skimmed through the report last week and would like to go through it again. I am encouraged that I at least knew about many of the technologies on the survey and am an early adopter on many things. I am grateful for Hover Conference, Smashing Magazine, and many other sources that I follow that I am able to keep abreast of what is going on with CSS and am aware of different things that I can utilize in the future. I am also encouraged to think about how many new things I tried this year.
  • Happy Birthday CSS (and me) – On Friday, I celebrated my birthday. CSS also celebrated its birthday. It became an official recommendation of the W3C 25 years ago. I decided to mark the occasion by reflecting on my CSS journey. CSS is my favorite of the three cornerstone technologies of the World Wide Web. CSS has been central to my career as a Web professional and it is so cool to share a birthday.

Articles I read



  • Frasier (Peacock)
  • Hawkeye (Disney+)
  • Spiderman 2 (DVD)


I played around with my lineup and moved Ozzie Albies to the lead-off. He had a great week including a homer, pictured here.
  • MLB The Show 21 – I really enjoyed my week of playing with the Braves. I changed my pitching and batting difficulties to dynamic. I won 7 straight games which made for a fun week. One of my players who had been hitting below .200 finally came alive and had a great week.

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