Weeknotes 22:22

August 14, 2022

Week of August 7–13


I spent a lot of time on the road this week and logged over 1000 miles. I traveled up to Murray, KY on two occasions this week. The first was to take my son to a retreat with other students who were awarded a presidential fellowship scholarship to Murray State. It was a great time for him to connect with other students and build some relationships before coming to campus.

I decided to stay in Murray while he was on the retreat. On Sunday night, I grabbed dinner and then spent some time on campus at Murray State. It was very quiet on campus. I enjoyed walking around and praying for my son and for his time on campus this year.

I enjoyed a day off on Monday. I enjoyed an extended time of personal devotion and journaling in the morning. I ate lunch and did some exploring before coming back to the hotel to enjoy the swimming pool and watch a movie in the late afternoon. It was a nice break in the midst of a crazy season.

My son and I surprised my daughter after school on Tuesday. We got to visit with her for about an hour before heading back to Chattanooga.

The retreat ended after lunch on Tuesday and I picked up my son on campus and we headed back to Chattanooga. We decided on the way home to stop in Nashville to see my oldest daughter. She moved up there three weeks ago and started a teaching job a couple of weeks ago. She was excited to see us and it was good to visit with her for an hour before hitting the road again to get home.

Off to college

I was not in Chattanooga long because we had to turn around and move my son into his dormitory on Friday. Wednesday was the only day last week that I was not in Murray. We loaded up our van on Wednesday and hit the road on Thursday morning. My wife joined us for this trip and my son drove our Camry, which he kept with him in Murray.

I was very impressed with the system that Murray State had set up for move-in. We pulled our vehicles alongside a barricaded part of the parking lot. We then unloaded his stuff into that staging area while our son got check-in. At that point, he came out with a laundry-style cart and started moving his stuff to his new room while my wife and I moved the vehicles to a parking lot next to the football stadium. By the time we got back to the dormitory via a shuttle, other students were helping him to move his stuff into his room.

It was a fairly chill day of spending time with our son and helping him to set up his room. We moved furniture, unpacked, and put together a shelving unit that his refrigerator fits into. Around dinner time, my wife and I headed back to the hotel so that he could enjoy some fun activities and meet other students in his hall. We met him for lunch on Saturday and then said our goodbyes.

Last picture before saying goodbye.

We stopped in Nashville on the way home to spend the evening with my daughter. We enjoyed a great dinner at Fulin’s and then hung out for a while at our hotel before taking her back home to her apartment. It was great to spend time with her for a second time this week.


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Articles I read

Books I am reading

What I watched

  • The Gray Man (Netflix)
  • The Bernie Mac Show (Peacock)
  • The Captain (ESPN) – I watched the final episode of this documentary on Derek Jeter last night in the hotel.
  • Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (Food Network) – We watched several episodes of this show at the hotel on Friday night.
  • Love It or List It (HGTV)

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