Weeknotes 24:13

April 2, 2024

Week of March 24–30

Affinity acquired by Canva–the end of perpetual pricing?

The big news of the week was that Affinity was acquired by Canva. I have been using several Affinity products for the past 4 years and like many other people were concerned about what this might mean to the future of the products. The specific concerns centered around licensing.

Many have chosen Affinity because of the buy it once model that use to be the norm of the software world. You buy a license for that version number of Affinity products and could buy an upgraded license once the next major release occurred. I did that a few years ago when Affinity 2 came out.

Most software products like Adobe have moved to a subscription model where you never own the software but pay an ongoing monthly/annual subscription to use the software. One of the advantages of the system is that you always have access to the latest release and updates. But at the cost of ongoing charge.

Many Affinity users, including myself, believed that this acquisition was going to usher in a subscription based model. Just a day after the acquisition was announced, Affinity and Canva released a pledge promising among 4 things that they would continue to offer perpetual licenses and price it fairly and keep it affordable.

I hope they follow through with this promise. I would like the option to buy perpetual licenses and have ownership over the software that I use. Based on my experience with Affinity, I have good faith that they will follow through and I am encouraged by their quick response to the community’s concerns.

A trip to the zoo

I covered up the face of the highland cow.

I enjoyed a trip to the Chattanooga Zoo on Saturday with both of my daughters. My oldest was in town to celebrate Easter with us. They were having a special event called Hug a Bunny. You couldn’t actually hug a bunny or hold one but you could pet them. I grew up with rabbits so I always enjoy getting to interact with them.

My youngest is a big fan of the red pandas. We visited their habitat a couple of times during our visit. On the second visit, one of the pandas woke up from its nap and walked around a bit. I think the same thing happened when my youngest and I went two years ago for the same event.

It was nice to spend the day with both of my girls which is too rare of an occurrence at this stage in life. I was bummed that I did not tracking my walking with Strava.

Articles I read

What I watched

What I listened to

Walks I took

  • Sunday PM – 2.52 miles in 45 minutes
  • Monday PM – 2.5 miles in 44 minutes
  • Tuesday PM – 2.79 miles in 49 minutes
  • Friday PM – 2.42 miles in 41 minutes
  • Saturday PM – walked around Chattanooga Zoo for about 2 hours (forgot to track)

Books I am reading

What I played

MLB The Show 23 (Rays) – I played a game early in the week and won.

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