Weeknotes 24:15

April 15, 2024

Week of April 7–13

Articles I read

Favorite reads of the week

  • An Interactive Guide to CSS Container Queries (Ahmad Shadeed) – Ahmad has created another interactive guide and like the first one, it is great. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about container queries. Filled with a lot of different use cases.
  • Web dev craftsmanship (Chris Ferdinandi) – Chris had a realization that his dissatisfaction with the state of the Web is because he views Web development as a craft and the current industry does not share that view. I am with Chris. I view Web development as a craft and I am disappointed to see how few seem to still value this as I look for a new opportunity.

What I watched

How A Small Team of Developers Created React at Facebook | React.js: The Documentary (YouTube)
I did not know the story behind React. I enjoyed hearing how it came about and from those who worked on it.

Books I am reading


  • Sunday, April 7 (afternoon) – 3.62 miles in 1 hour 5 minutes
  • Wednesday, April 10 (afternoon) – 2.37 miles in 42 minutes
  • Thursday, April 11 (morning) – 3.77 miles in 1 hour 9 minutes
  • Friday, April 12 (morning) – 2.66 miles in 43 minutes

What I played

  • MLB The Show 23 (Rays) – I played 4 games this past week and won all 4 of them. The first 3 were against the Rockies and the fourth against the Yankees. I entered the series with the Yankees 1 game ahead of them in the division with just over a month to play. I had made a trade for Jonah Heim before the trade deadline. The trade has worked out great as it has added some offensive firepower to my lineup. He hit a 3 run homer that put me ahead of the Yankees to win the first game of the series.
  • FIFA23 (Manchester City) – I realized last week that I had not been saving the game correctly and my progress in the second season (23-24) was no longer available. I decided the restart the season and have enjoyed a great start. It has been a lot of fun to play with City as I have been watching the Treble Winners series on Netflix.

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