Weeknotes 22:11

April 11, 2022

Week of April 3 - 9

Rock Chalk Champions

I enjoyed watching the Jayhawks comeback in the second half and win the men’s 2022 NCAA basketball championship. I had picked KU to win in the bracket challenge I did with my team at LGND. One of my dev teammates also picked KU and had faired much better in the brackets to beat me. It is the second year in a row that I picked the champion but lost the bracket challenge. Oh well, it meant much more to me to see my alma mater win the championship than to win the bracket challenge. Rock Chalk!

Container queries

I have been wanting to write a post to share resources related to container queries since there was a lot of buzz about them a year ago. I took some time this week to gather my thoughts into a post. I share a little bit of my personal history with the subject and then share links to articles and tutorials that I have found helpful.

It was a helpful exercise for me to revisit where container queries are at today. I learned that Safari Technology Preview has added experimental support for container queries. Can I Use? indicated that there was support in Edge behind a flag but I could not find it.

Read my post on container queries

Ship It

I finished up a project on Wednesday and shipped it on Thursday. The project is a one-page report that has been implementing on the client’s intranet. I includes many scroll triggered animations using Intersection Observer. It also includes several slide components where you can read the full article or story in a modal. I used prefers-reduced-motion to only play the animations if the user has not indicated a preference. I also included a pause button that allow the user to pause some animations in the hero of the page. I got to work with my teammate Andy for the first time as she jumped in to do some of the animation work while I was out of town.

Articles I read

Books I read

What I watched

  • NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship – I am so glad I was able to watch the game through the marchmadness.com because I do not have cable.
  • Moon Knight (Disney+)
  • Frasier (Peacock)
  • Formula One: Drive to Survive (Season 4 on Netflix)

What I played

  • Wordle
  • MLB The Show 21 (Braves)
  • FIFA20 – I started a new manager career with FC Utrecht of the Netherlands. I have played with teams in all the major leagues so I decided to play with a league I have never tried before.

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