We Get to Talk About Jesus

July 12, 2005

Last week, I watched the Rookie with Anne and my mother-in-law. The movie is about a high school teacher who gets another shot at his dream of pitching in the Major Leagues. But before he can realize that dream, he has to play ball in the minor leagues. At one point in the movie, he is tired and misses his family. It does not seem likely that he will make it to the Major League club so he begins to question whether he should continue. He decides to call it quits.

He takes a walk and goes to a bar. He sees a news story that is about him. In the interview, he talks about his love for baseball and why he is pursuing this dream so late in life. The next scene shows him going to a little league field and watching the kids play. In those two things, he reconnects to his vision and his dream.

I share all of this to lead up to this point. The next day, he enters the locker room with a smile on his face. He goes to one of his teammates and says, “You know what we get to do today? We get to play baseball!” His enthusiasm is back.

The other day, I was shaving in our bathroom here in Hungary and the thought struck me. “You know what we get to do today. We get to tell students about Jesus!” As I have had conversations with several students, I have been reminded about how exciting it is to share the most important message that anyone can hear. Yesterday, a student asked me what I did (my work) and I told him about my work with Campus Crusade. He asked me if I enjoy it. I told him that I really like doing something where I am involved in sharing what I believe is the most important thing that people can hear. It is about the most important decision that I have ever made.

I feel like God has used the last couple of days to renew my vision for ministry which is something I have been praying since we first decided to come on this summer project. “Today, we get to tell people about the most important person they can ever know.”

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