The Lesson

February 23, 2006

This comes from Joshua Porter.

The lesson

  • Personal value precedes network value
  • People rarely do things for the “good of the network”
  •, though providing very cool tagging features, is mostly about a single person remembering items for later.

His third point resonates with me because that is how I use I think it points to the fact that Web 2.0 is really about helping individuals accomplish their goals. Recommendations are helpful when they help me accomplish what I want.

Joshua has some other interesting observations or lessons on what we have learned so far about leveraging the Web.

1 Comment

  1. rob

    February 23rd, 2006

    I agree with that third one also. That’s how I use it. However, I do use Flickr to share for the network.

    I guess I really don’t care if you know my bookmarks, but I care if you see my photos!