Tell me a story: Google’s Super Bowl Ad

February 8, 2010

I was delighted by this commercial last night as I watched the Super Bowl. It is a great example of storytelling. I was totally drawn into the story that this commercial tells.

As Paul Boag points out, “They take something very mundane like a search engine and give it real emotion and personality. This ad connects searching with living your live and makes it an intrinsic part of day to day living. Brilliant!”

Paul has been reading Made to Stick and recently mentioned it on his podcast. I started reading this book in the fall but had put it down. I am motivated to pick it back up.

This commercial is “sticky.” It connects to the viewer’s emotions. It is concrete because it connects with something most people come into contact everyday–a search on Google. I agree with Paul that they have done a good job of making something mundane into something that we connect with and will remember.

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