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Tag: "cameron moll"

Design Something (Almost) Every Day

In December, I read Jad Limcaco’s article, Design Something Every Day. He points out the reality that every designer wants to get better at what he or she does. He suggests spending less time surfing and reading what other people have written and spend more time designing and creating new things. The challenge he laid […]


Design Consistency and Redesign

An important design lesson was reinforced by a visit to my Walmart Neighborhood Market. Walmart has recently changed their packaging design. As I looked for some items that we frequently buy, I had to look a lot closer because I was not able to use the visual cues that I have come to associate with […]


What Informs Your Design?

Recently, I read Andy Rutledge’s article, On Inspiration. As I read Andy’s article, I immediately thought about Cameron Moll’s idea of inspiration vs. influence. “Influence is immediate and free for the taking. Because of this, its utility is often short-lived. At times it may even serve as little more than a platform for duplication. “Inspiration, […]


Great Designers <del>Steal</del> Practice

Last week, Cameron Moll posted Good Musicians Copy. It was a follow-up to a post he made several years ago, Good Designers Copy, Great Designers Steal. In that article, Cameron was: “…attempting to describe the idea of becoming a better designer by dissecting, analyzing, and ‘copying’ the works of other designers.” In his follow-up article, […]


Redesign or Realign?

This morning, I read anarticle by Cameron Moll, Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign. I found it very helpful as I have been considering a couple of redesign projects. It was also affirming to me that I am heading in the right direction as I consider a major redesign of one of my sites, GodSquad. […]