Setting Up a Podcast

September 1, 2005

May 2007: See updated tutorial on setting up a podcast

I successfully set up a podcast today.

Here are the steps involved:

  • I downloaded a freeware recording program called “Audacity
  • I also downloaded from their website a plugin to convert audio to mp3 format which is what is used in podcasting. There are instructions on how to install the plugin on Audacity’s site
  • I used my headset microphone to record the podcast using Audacity. I saved the file as an mp3.
  • I used software called Feed For All to create a RSS feed. I bought this software last spring.
  • I uploaded the mp3 file and XML document which contains the RSS feed to our production server
  • You can “subscribe” to the feed with iTunes (I’m sure there are other ways to do it but this was the easiest). Select “Subscribe to Podcast” from the Advanced option on the toolbar.

Resources I looked at or was told about:


  1. Randy

    March 27th, 2006

    Do you archive your ‘casts and if so, how are they archived? Are they just mp3 files or do they have to be set up differently?

  2. Jeff

    March 28th, 2006

    I am not quite sure what you mean by archiving the podcasts. The files are mp3s. The difference between “podcasting” and just having an mp3 file linked on a site is that podcasting takes advantage of RSS. RSS “delivers” new content to the subscriber through an RSS reader or a program like iTunes that allows you to subscribe to the RSS feed. Previous “podcasts” are archived within the RSS feed and will be available to download through the iTunes interface.

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