Rock Chalk Champions, Again

April 5, 2022

What an incredible game. An incredible comeback, the biggest comeback in an NCAA men’s championship game. I was worried that the game was getting away from them at the end of the first half. Shots were not falling. UNC was getting a lot of second-chance points. I wrote in my journal at halftime, “It is not looking like our night.”

I had gotten really frustrated during our five-minute scoring drought and took a minute to pray and keep perspective. Remember it is just a game. It was going to be disappointing to lose. But I added, “Or it may turn out like 2008 and be that much sweeter in the end.” KU came back from a nine-point deficit late in that game, hitting a three-pointer just before time expired to send it to overtime, in which they dominated. They had only hit 2 of those shots all night. And then Mario’s miracle.

This team did not give it and inched their way back, took the lead, and fought hard until the end. I tried to stay calm. I was so excited as they came back. But I did not relax until near the end. I thought the game was over when UNC turned over the ball. But no. They got one more chance. But the Kansas defense held. And it is another Rock Chalk Championship! The third one they have won since I became a Jayhawk.

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