Revolution Within – Approaches to Spiritual Lives

August 26, 2005

I am currently reading Dwight Edward’s book, Revolution Within. Dwight is a descendent of Jonathan Edwards. We did a Bible study this summer in Hungary based on this book.

This week, I was reading in chapter 3. He talked about focusing on God’s glory as the main motivation in our lives. It was a very practical chapter. Dwight says that there are 2 ways to approach our spiritual lives. The first is to live for God so we can fully exploit His blessings. The second approach is to live for God so we can fully reveal His name. I liked the way Edwards describes the differences in these approaches. The first asks, “what must I do to gain God’s blessing?” The second asks, “what can I do to better reflect God’s glory?”

I pray that God changes me so that I approach my spiritual life with a focus on His glory. I am just beginning to see how this approach would bring a different perspective in response to things like suffering.

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