Processing and Articulating Your Ideas

April 11, 2006

I am an internal processer. I often process things from meetings and then think of things I would have liked to have said during the meeting several hours or days later. There also times that I have concerns or a sense of something that I can’t quite articulate at the moment but after processing it for a couple of hours or days, I am able to communicate and understand what that “gut feeling” I had during the meeting or interaction.

I appreciated a recent blog entry by Kathy Sierra on Creating Passionate Users. She addressed this issue and talked about how sometimes it is the fast talkers who win, those who can articulate things quickly. But the problem is they may may sound good but it may not be the best input or the best solution. She gives some tips to those of us who need time to think and process through those “gut feelings” to a point of articulating.

The most practical thing I got out of the post is this statement that she encourages people to memorize: “I have some concerns, but I need a little time before I can really articulate them. I think this could really be helpful to me in the future.

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