Pictures I Would Take if I Had a Camera

June 6, 2006

Here is a list of pictures I would take if I had a camera right now while visiting Tulsa

  • McDonald’s sign at 91st and Memorial – it has a nostalgic look to it with “Hamburger” character (the head is a bun and it has arms and legs)
  • Patriotic Penguin on Parade near 61st and Memorial
  • “Recess” statue at Hardesty Regional Library – this statue of a boy reading a magazine and sipping on a Coke was in front of the old location of the library.  I frequented that library a lot to have quiet times because they had private study rooms.  The new library has a statue of several books stacked up that is taller than me.
  • Bridges on Highway 66 between Tulsa and Claremore – I felt nostalgic traveling on “Route 66” last Friday.  There are two old bridges that I would love to take a picture of.
  • Tulsa Driller at the Fairgrounds – this larger than life figure is one of the symbols of Tulsa

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