Online Prayer Experience

April 29, 2005

What makes a good online experience?

I can think of a handful of sites that I have seen that I really liked the use of Flash to give a good experience. I came across the Labyrinth last fall while I was on a trip to Atlanta. The Labyrinth is a prayer experience. I had done something similar at our World Headquarters in Orlando. The idea behind it is that you have different stations in which you do something tactile that relates to a deeper spiritual experience. Like make a “yourself” in playdoh and then reflect on God’s creation of you. Or experience the fragrance of sweet smelling water. It is an experience that engages the senses and the spirit.

What impressed me about the Labyrinth is how someone used Flash to create an online experience that was very powerful. Take a look at the second station. You drop a stone into water. You hear the water splash and see the splash. The use of music, narration and animation create an incredible experience online. God meant me in a very powerful way as I worked my way through the Labyrinth. It excites me to think that you can create these type of experiences online.

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