December 12, 2023
" can measure whether you find the Bible delightful not by how often you read it or by how much of it you read, and not by whether you find it easy or difficult to read, but by whether you approach the Bible expecting to be surprised. Bible delight is born when you expect it to teach you something you did not know already. The more childlike you are toward the Bible, the more likely you are to find it having just the right words for you." 

(David Gibson, Living Life Backward)

This passage from Living Life Backwards came up in my Readwise highlights at the end of last week. I was convicted by the thought of how I approach the Bible each day when I read it.

Do I approach it expecting to be surprised or to learn something I didn’t already know? Sadly, I have to say the answer to the question is no.

I don’t want familiarity to keep me from coming with an expectant attitude. The Bible is living and active. I want to approach it with an attitude of expectation. I prayed over the weekend that God would help me to develop this attitude and outlook in the coming year.

And just on Sunday, I learned something new about the episode where God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. It was a brutal age and human sacrifices to “gods” were common. God tested Abraham to teach him that God does not require this of us. He is different. And the moral of the story is that God will provide.